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Item Wanhe PN Filter accuracy Working temperature Dosage of desiccants Water absorption Filter area Connection size
1 WHDC-1  3μm ﹣29℃~93℃ ≥0.127KG 0.0497L 24cm² 1″(NPT,BSPT,)
2 WHDC-2  3μm ﹣29℃~93℃ ≥0.3KG 0.1182L 74cm² 1″(NPT,BSPT,)
3 WHDC-3  3μm ﹣29℃~93℃ ≥0.56KG 0.2203L 74cm² 1″(NPT,BSPT,)
4 WHDC-4  3μm ﹣29℃~93℃ ≥0.84KG 0.333L 74cm² 1″(NPT,BSPT,)
5 SDB-093  3μm ﹣40℃~90℃ ≥0.225KG 0.086KG 752cm² G3/4 BSP
6 SDB-096  3μm ﹣40℃~90℃ ≥0.45KG 0.172KG 752cm² G3/4 BSP
7 SDB-121  3μm ﹣40℃~90℃ ≥0.75KG 0.288KG 2095cm² G1-1/4 BSP
8 SDB-122  3μm ﹣40℃~90℃ ≥1.5KG 0.576KG 2095cm² G1-1/4 BSP
9 SDB-096-CV  3μm ﹣40℃~90℃ ≥0.45KG 0.038KG 752cm² G3-4 BSP
10 SDB-121-CV  3μm ﹣40℃~90℃ ≥0.75KG 0.228KG 2095cm² G1-1/4 BSP
11 SDB-122-CV  3μm ﹣40℃~90℃ ≥1.5KG 0.576KG 2095cm² G1-1/4 BSP

The desiccant breather is a key component to protect the qulity of the lubricant widely used in gearboxes.storage tanks,transformers,hydralic station and other equipment.Due to thermal expansion and contraction of the lubricant inside these devices they can not be sealed and must be able to equalize pressure with the atmosphere.Dehumidification is critical to ensure the air which enters the equipment is clean and dry.

1.Efficiency water vapor absorption;
2.Simple and reliable lubricant protection device;
3.Flexible polycarbonate plastic shell with elastic;
4.Shock-way controllable airflow;
5.Two-way controllable airflow;
6.Mulit-stage filtration process;
7.Color-changing desiccant gives visual replacement indication;

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