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Product Introduction:

These filters are double-precision filter, composed of a coarse filter and a high precision filter.

When the filter pressure difference is less than 4bar, the check valve on the filter is closed. The oil is filtered through a 10μm working media and enters the next actuator.

When the filter cartridge differential pressure is greater than 4 bar, the filter check valve opens, and the oil passes through only the 50μm coarse pre-filter.  

Under normal operation the oil passes through the  50μm media, followed by the  10μm working media.

This configuration ensures that unfiltered oil never enters the lubrication system of the gearbox.

Our filter unit features a differential pressure transmitter on the housing.

When the Differential pressure reaches 3.5 bar, the pressure transmitter will send an alert, prompting filter replacement.


Strict selection of filter media.

Manufactured according to strict international standards for filter accuracy, dirt-holding capacity, pressure drop, weight, structural integrity etc.

All products undergo bypass valve testing, to ensure reliable operation.

Filter has been widely used in wind power industry, and get the recognition of many customers.

Wanhe’s filters have achieved international recognition as direct replacements for most major filter manufacturers in the wind industry.


1. Operating temperature: -40 ℃ – 90 ℃

2. Oil cleanliness: oil initial grade ISO4406 – 19/17/14 (grade 8)

3. After filtration up to grade ISO4406 – 17/15/12 (level 6)

4. Filtration accuracy: 10μm, β10 (c) >200 (Grade I filtration) 5-50μm (Can be customized according to specifications)

5. Filtration efficiency: >99.5%

6. Pressure drop: 47KPa

7. Filter replacement alarm pressure difference: 3.5bar

8. Bypass valve opening pressure: 4 bar

9. Dirt Holding capacity: 241.4g (under standard dust test conditions)

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