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Lubricating oil filtration and cooling system for wind power Back

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Product Introduction:

Lubrication of the gearbox is very important. Good lubrication to the gears and bearings play a sufficient protective effect to the gears and bearings.

Lubricant oil film, non-contact rolling and sliding, which play a role in lubrication.

At the same time, the rotation will have the relative rolling friction and sliding friction, which will produce a certain amount of heat, and high temperatures will burn gears and bearings.

So lubricants play the role of lubrication on the one hand, on the other hand play a cooling effect.


The Wanhe lubrication system consists of 3 major parts: Power unit, Cooling unit, Filter unit

Operating temperature: 5℃- 90℃

Specified for a variety of gear box lubricants

Temperature control valve to control oi flow through cooler. (Temperature range 45- 60℃, per application specification)

The system is equipped with a relief valve and pressure sensors to ensure continuous, safe operation

The system provides low vibration, low noise operation

Scope: 1.5MW, 2MW, 3MW, 5MW and other wind gear boxes

Power unit:

Wanhe uses special motors, gear pumps, couplings and other components to ensure maximum reliability.

Two-speed motor adapts to the viscosity of the oil to provide optimal flow rate.

Gear pump imported from Germany can be used to pump a variety of fluids.

High insulation, high protection, low noise, low vibration, long service life

Cooling systems:

Cooling: air-cooled

The motor is a two-speed motor, operating according to the viscosity of the oil to provide the appropriate flow rate.

Maximum static pressure: 26 bar

Rated inlet temperature: 70 ℃

Filter unit:

Design pressure: 1.6MPa (16 Bar)

Design temperature: -20-120℃

Flow: 0-1000L / min

Working pressure: 0-20bar

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