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Vapor liquid separator mesh filter

liquid and gas filter is made of either crochet or knitting of various wire materials including stainless steel, copper, synthetic fiber and other materials.

It can separate different kinds of liquids and particles exciting in the air.

Wire mesh for filtering liquid and gas is the major component to form wire mesh demister, wire mesh mist eliminator and other related separating equipment.

Knitted wire mesh products are applied to those applications including cryogenic, high temperature, corrosive atmosphere, heat conductive, high usage, or special service applications.


1: material : nylone wire, stainless steel wire( 302 304 316 304L 316L), galvanized wire.

2: Standard type: 40-100 60-150 105-300 140-400 160-400 200-570

3: High-efficiency type: 60-100 80-100 80-150 90-150 150-300 200-400 300-600

4: High-penetration type: 20-100 30-150 70-400 100-600 170-560

5: Damping type: 33-30 38-40 20-40 26-40 30-40 30-50 48-50 30-60 30-80 50-120

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