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Replacement oil filter HC8300R005BN3HC Back

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1.  Product Name: The series of alternative filter element

2. Filtration Material: High-quality glass fiber

3. The Filtering precision:1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 25μm and so on

4. Structural Strength: 1.0Mpa; 2.0Mpa; 16.0Mpa; 21.0Mpa

5.Its Application: In hydraulic system, pressure oil in lubrication system, oil returned filter; To filter pollutant in such system to ensure its normail operation of the system.

6.Test Standard about filter element:

(1) The rupture resistance on the basis of ISO2941

(2) The integrity of filter element on the basis of ISO2943

(3) Filter compatibility on the basis of ISO2943

(4) The ability of filter on the basis of ISO4572

(5) Filter pressure difference on the basis of ISO3968

(6) Flow pressure difference on the basis of ISO3968

(7) The test oil viscosity

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