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Product Introduction

During the running process of the refrigerating unit, could produce grains, fragment, jelly, might also be mixed with broken filament, dust and other impurities.

In order to ensure the normal operation, oil filter is essential.

but because of the existence of the refrigerating fluid in the refrigerating unit, the oil filter for chiller compressor is deter mined to be different from the normal oil filter.

Our oil filter is designed only for the refrigerating unit.

Product Features

Adopt the imported sealing material, suitable for the refrigeration environment, can assure the good seal property.

Adopt the stainless steel filter material, wear well.

Adopt teh knock-down filter element,easy to change and maintain.

The port can be customized,convenient and reliable to be connected with the machine.

High adjust ability: Filtration precision,dirty hold capacity,filtration resistance and so on can be adjusted according to your requirement.

Product Specification and Technical Data

Working pressure: 0-2.5Mpa

Working Temperature: -25℃-110℃

Working media: Oil and refrigeration fluid

Rated flow: 5L/min-900L/min

Filtration Micron: 3μm-120μm

Application Field

The refrigerating unit and refrigerating system in the refrigeration industry.

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