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Hydraulic oil filter element for wind turbine pump station Back

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Cross filter part number list which Wanhe can offer:

Item Original P/No. Replacement brand Filter accuracy Wanhe P/No.
1 ECF1SB1J3CV15   10μm DYLW-88×80
2 0.1E.30.10VG.30.E.P   10μm DYLW-35×92.5
3 HPF.30.51648.10VG.30.E   10μm DYLW-35×92.5
4 01.E 210.10VG.1.S.P   10μm WH01.E 210.10VG.1.S.P
5 7953 834-F10.6195 4006-00   10μm DYLW-31×57
6 G01369Q   10μm DYLP-45×113

Production Introduction:

Using imported filter layer media, high pollutant-carrying capacity, low pressure, long service life,high filtration efficiency.

Increase service life of lubricant, ensuring the indicators of oil by the filter, reducing the frequency of oil change with less maintenance costs, minimum operational risk for fan maintenance.


1, Strict selection of filter media.

2, Manufactured according to strict international standards for filter accuracy, dirt-holding capacity, pressure drop, weight, structural integrity etc.

3, All products undergo bypass valve testing, to ensure reliable operation.

4, Achieved international recognition as direct replacements for most major filter manufacturers in the wind industry.

5, Filtering Precision: 10µm

6, β10 Value: ≥200

7, Crushing Pressure: 30 bar

8, Applicable Medium: Lubricating Oil

9, Material of High Precision Filter: Stainless Steel Mesh

10, Material of Filter Shaft: Stainless Steel

11,  Material of End-cover: Stainless Steel

12, Working Temperature: -20~120 ℃

13, Sealing Material: NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber)

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