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Equipment Introduction:

The high flow rate multi-stage water treatment equipment designed and manufactured by Wanhe Filtration company have been widely used in SINOPEC’s geothermal water treatment project.Geothermal water produced by producers will be processed by this system and then re-injected into formation to protect formation and improve re-injection factor.  At the same time this water treatment equipment ensures the re-injection system’s stable operating condition, reduces the re-injection plugging factor and lower the maintenance cost. 


1, This water filtration equipment can achieve filtration and automatic anti-clean (including air-pressure adding, water pressure adding, cleaning agents replacement).

2, Except the cleaning agents replacements, filter backwash adopts PLC automatic control and operation.

3, In normal working condition, one filter tank is in standby condition, and the pressure difference calculated by PLC based on pressure sensors installed at inlet and outlet will be used to achieve tank by tank cleaning.

4, It can also be cleaned manually by adding cleaning agents if needed.Switching instruction can be realized by either differential Pressure or time-on the PLC screen.

5, Filter uses bottom inlet and bottom outlet, and air compressor provides air and pump provides pressure for backwash. Dosing device is manually operated while it will not affect other tanks operation.


1, Working Pressure: 1MPa

2, Pressure Loss:≤0.01 MPa

3, Applicable Temperature:110℃

4, Rated Flow Rate:1.3~2000 m3/h

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