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The Filter for hydraulic pump station manufactured by Wanhe Filtration have been widely applied to kinds of mining machines.

The filters are suitable for the imported hydraulic pump station, as the KAMAT, RMI, Haoxinke , ect .  

The filters have the features as the high strength , high working flow, large dirt holding capacity , ect .

Filter plays an important role of prolonging machine life in mining industry . In the more clean oil and fuel systems, the components will have long life . 

Wanhe Filtration has 17 years experience in mining filtration solution , Provide the most professional filtration solutions for the Mining Industry , make the Mining Industry cleaner and safer .


Technical data:

Brand Name : WANHEXIN

Type: Emulsion filter element

Working Temp.:  -20℃~60℃

Ambient Relative Humidity: ≤95% (25℃)

Working Pressure:  31.5 Mpa

Filter Precision: 20-80μm

Flow Rating: 50~1000L/min

Service Life: 4200~5000 H


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