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Filter Introduction

In refrigeration compressor, high refrigeration efficiency is expected. High pressure cryogen from refrigeration compressor is expected to be without oil.

Oil enters condenser and evaporator, reducing the efficiency of heat exchange and the refrigeration efficiency.

Wanhe’s filter element is key parts that control oil that enters condenser and evaporator.

Product Application

Used in the oil-gas separation system of refrigeration compressor of Bingshan Group, Moon Group and New Century.

Substitute many foreign famous brands such as York of USA, Howden of UK, Sabroe and so on.

Main characteristics

1.Main filter medias are all imported polymer filter media.All the materials including fiberglass filtration felt,rubber gasket, adhesive have high stability to different kinds of refrigeration cryogen and oil.

2.Comprehensive technical indexes have reached advanced international level.

3.Wanhe has got ISO9001 certificate

4.Wanhe has own intellectual propery right of refrigeration compressor oil gas separation filter element.

Wanhe got the national patent in 2005.

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