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Desalination is the conversion of seawater into fresh water that can be used for drinking. The combined seawater desalination unit consists of a pretreatment system and a two-stage reverse osmosis system. The pretreatment system uses a combination of “multimedia filter, precision filter, security filter”. The filtration type can ensure the reverse osmosis water quality under the conditions of relatively muddy and lightly polluted water sources; the two-stage reverse osmosis system consists of high-pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane module, high-pressure pump, and secondary pump, the system can directly convert seawater into fresh water. After subsequent conditioning, disinfection, and terminal treatment processes, it can be used as daily laundry water, kitchen water, and direct drinking water on board ships, which can effectively solve the ship daily use of fresh water by the crew during voyage.


1, In order to meet the needs of unattended and continuous operation of the ship, the device adopts a large number of automatic control instruments and elements to realize automatic operation and fault alarm functions:

2, The whole set of equipment is coordinated by PLC programming, with a high degree of automation and low failure rate;

3, Equipped with a large-screen high-definition touch screen, it can dynamically display the working status and operating parameters of the device and sub-systems in real time;

4, The device has the function of one-button startup and automatic operation, no need to manually adjust the parameters such as working pressure, flow rate, etc. The system will automatically adjust and enter the stable operation according to the set parameters;

5, Can adjust the parameters of the relevant control point of the device in real time to meet the requirements of water production quantity and production index;

6, Has the real-time fault alarm and display alarm point content to facilitate manual fault diagnosis and fault reset;

7, The device has a self-cleaning function, which can effectively reduce the pollution of the reverse osmosis membrane and prolong the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane.


1, Working temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃;

2, Working pressure: 4.0-6.5MPa

3, Influent TDS: ≤ 45000mg / L;

4, Water production TDS: ≤150mg/L;

5, Freshwater yield: 15~250t/d;

6, Desalination rate: ≥99%;

7, Produced water quality: In line with the “Sanitation Standard for Drinking Water”.

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