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This Automatic back-flushing filtration system is suitable for the enulsion inlet water and water spray system on coal mining plant , inlet nominal flow rate is 50t/h .

There are two control methods for this system : manual and automatic .

This system can be customized according to customers” requireement .

Wanhe Filtration has 17 years experience in mining filtration solution , Provide the most professional filtration solutions for the Mining Industry , make the Mining Industry cleaner and safer .


Main Performance Parameters:

Power: Three phase ( 660VAC/50HZ、 1140VAC/50HZ、127VAC/50HZ ) , 2KW

Working Temperature:-20℃ ~60℃

Relative Humidity: Less than 95% ( 25℃ )

Timing Backwash: 0-99 hours can be set arbitrarily, factory setting is 4 hours .

Backwash Time: 0-99 minutes can be set arbitratily, factory setting is 2 minutes .

Insulation Grade: F grade.

Exdl Level of Explosion-Proof: Mine flameproof Exdl 

Control mode: Timing control

Working Pressure: 2.5 Mpa

System Total Flow Rate: 50t/h

Filtering Precision of Automatic Backwash filter : 50-80 micron

Filtering Precision of Emulsion Water Inlet Filter: 25 micron

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